Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Say What?

What happen to this blog ? Ok been busy with the wedding season. Even Sugar and Vanilla's blog and facebook pun tak ter update. Every week ada je cake hantaran kena buat. On top of that, my cousin is getting married and my dad asked me to do wedding cake, cupcakes, candy buffet and photobooth. Pengsan.

And the main reason buat blog ni dulu sebab konon nya it's a place for me to tenangkan fikiran, release tension whatsoever. Tapi rasa macam lately tak stress apa-apa pun. I'm happy..!! Sebab tu kot tak tulis at this blog sangat dah.

Will write back masa new year. Or before that. And maybe next year, every month ada je something exciting will happen. Ngeee.

Till then,