Sunday, July 28, 2013


My all time favourite dessert.
The reason why my family said I'm adopted.
I just looove laddu. You should see my face everytime nampak ni kat mana-mana. Jarang makan sebab susah nak jumpa. Kat Shah Alam ni memang harapan la nak jumpa.
Abah selalu belikan dekat pakcik jual putu mayam atas motor somewhere in KL. And by 'selalu' I mean twice a year je kot. Yang ni memang sangat sedap. Ada juga certain places yang jual tak sedap.
Dulu kat MidValley ada booth jual ni. All the indian sweets. But then, tak lama diorang tahan. I even once pergi MidValley semata-mata nak beli tu. Sad when diorang dah tutup. 

I'm just a freak when it comes to laddu. Tak ada ke orang jual ni online macam jual cupcakes. Kan best :)

Ginger flavoured macaron somehow tasted like laddu so I ate that a lot masa buat kat academy dulu. Padahal I really don't like ginger.

Thursday, July 25, 2013


No matter how small or how big is the gift, say Alhamdulillah.

It's not that hard to appreciate and be thankful.

Sunday, July 21, 2013


Shawl by AlHijab Sisters.
The typical picture sebelum sampai ke arah tuju.
Pakai lip gloss dalam kereta.
So lepas tu kena tangkap gambar nak tengok makeup, tudung semua ok ke tak.
So memang tak heran la kan nak senyum.
I won't upload it at instagram/facebook. But don't know why upload sini.

Monday, July 15, 2013


"Passion (from the Latin verb patī meaning to suffer) is a term applied to a very strong feeling about a person or thing. Passion is an intense emotion compelling feeling, enthusiasm, or desire for something."

Or my definition of passion - "Stress tapi still nak buat."

Everything in this world pun ada susahnya. Doesn't matter what education course or career, each one ada stress nya. But to wake up and handle the stress again and again, that's passion. Some are lucky to discover theirs when they're still young. Some maybe lambat sikit. Tapi tak apa. Asalkan you don't stop searching your true passion :)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Picture of a Cake

I wanted to spend on a lighting tent. Konon bila tangkap gambar dalam tu akan jadi lagi cantik. Asked AbdRhmn and he said no need. Sebab kat my house ada space and I already know how to make my own background.
So I googled on "how to take a professional picture of a cake". Tapi tengok semua pun tulis lebih kurang like I always do when it comes to take a picture.
This is my version of "how to take a professional picture of a cake". Even if you're not a photographer. Think about it, penat-penat buat cake berjam-jam. Tapi gambar tak cantik. Food orang akan makan so what's left are only the pictures.
You don't need a DSLR. A basic camera will do. Or even camera phone pun ok.
DOs :
1. Create a background for your cake.
2. Take pictures kat tempat terang.
3. Take all angles of the cake even if you're going to use only one picture.
4. Same as above, capture sebanyak mungkin gambar sebab bila masuk dalam computer, tak semua gambar nampak cantik.
DON'Ts :
1. Nampak background ada kain lap or dirty dishes or benda-benda yang tak sesuai ada dalam gambar. Unless kalau memang tu semua props.
2. Gambar gelap. Even bila edit kat computer pun tak boleh nak betulkan.
3. Tangkap gambar cake in a cake box or cookies in plastic. Tak cantik.
Examples :
(All pictures below are my pictures and my creations. Most of them dah berzaman like 2-3 years ago)

Never do this.
Tangkap gambar cupcakes dalam box siap nampak benda-benda kat tepi yang tak patut.

A very bad example.
Gelap, in a box, keliling sepah.
Designs pun tak cantik. Eeeii siapa la buat cupcakes ni :p
In plastic pun tak boleh juga.
Sebab nampak reflection lampu/flash bagai.
Or unless if you buat gubahan cookies dalam bakul.
Dah siap packaging everything and nak tangkap gambar as a whole. Kalau macam itu tak apa la.

This was what I used to do.
Guna kertas keras.
But I don't like the fact nanti dalam gambar nampak the line of kertas bercantum tu.
And plus kalau cookies/cupcakes berminyak, kertas tu kena buang.

Ni masa baru sangat buat cookies in 2010.
Didn't know what to use as background so I used penutup Tupperware.
Ni gambar behind the scene.

Tapi bila tangkap from top view, jadi macam ni.
This is the picture I uploaded kat my website dulu.
Not bad la kan.


Ni sekarang.
I'm using kain.
Easy to basuh bila ada cookie crumbs merata.

Top view.
Kan kemas. Hee puji sendiri.

Ni kalau tangkap gambar cake.
Just sangkutkan kain tu kat a place lagi tinggi.
Guna kain and there's no line.
Colours of the background is totally up to you.
Beli je banyak-banyak colour kain murah kat Jakel tu.
Or even tudung yang plain tak jarang pun ok.
But make it special for tangkap gambar je.
To me, kalau tangkap gambar untuk letak at your business's website, at least make an effort untuk letak gambar yang sedap di pandang. Not only sedap di makan. Cause all these are work of art. Sayang kalau penat-penat buat tapi gambar tak cantik.
If you upload kat instagram saja-saja, then it's ok untuk tak kemas sangat sebab tu macam laidback kind of picture place. Unless if you use instagram as a your business's website la. Then that's unacceptable.
It makes a huge deal ok. Cake cantik mana pun tapi kalau gambar tak cantik, not many yang akan view. I saw this one company yang jual cakes. They have the best pictures. Padahal gambar a simple cupcake with sprinkles je. But I still click to view besar-besar everytime they upload new picture even if their cake design biasa-biasa je. See the power?
Last but not least, people put a lot of efforts to make a cake sampai la upload gambar ke website. So for one to simply steal the pictures for both personal or business use, is just something yang tak dapat dimaafkan. Please faham and respect people punya effort. Hee just an advise :)

Hope my tips are helpful.



Monday, July 8, 2013


Bila entah ni. Last week la kot. Keluar celebrate makcik seorang tu dapat sambung belajar kat UK. Pergi laaa. Tak heran puuunn. Takkk. Takkkk. T___T
Ok moving on. Went for a makan-makan and movie at MidValley. Kitorang kalau lepak jarang pergi big malls. So just make sure sebelum Ramadhan keluar lepak macam ni cause tak sure after raya sempat ke tak. She'll be leaving in middle of August.
InsyaAllah will be going there to visit you. Hopefully la. Memang hope sangat-sangat la.

Shawl by AlHijabSisters yang dipakai again and again and again.
I love red.

Ni la makcik tu yang nak pergi jauh-jauh tu.

In the movie.
Tengok World War Z.
Ohemgee apa la nasib kitorang that day duduk tengah-tengah people yang sangat selfish.
A group of girls next to me asyik borak-borak and gelak. But since it's me, I just 'ssshhhh' them. Tapi macam tak heran je. Bila part ada zombie mengejut, the girls jerit je. Like chill laaa.
And then, a couple next to Eryn was being super annoying. The lady was telling the storyline dekat boyfriend dia. Buat apa laaa korang beli ticket wayang kalau nak cerita pasal movie tu. Bercerita kuat pula tu. Eryn just gave her the stare. Tak berkesan pun. Haih. Nasib.
Dear makcik, ni list of things to do before you fly. Hope sempat la.
1. Makan sushi 8 pinggan. Lets make it a record
2. Small photoshoot for Sugar & Vanilla. Hee ni more like kena buli.
3. Will teach you how to wear make up the right way. Tutorial gitu.
4. Small photoshoot for my upcoming project with my cousin, InsyaAllah.
5. Spa..!! Facial please..!! Buat time Ramadhan ok je kan.
6. Hot chocolate banyak-banyak

Thursday, July 4, 2013

24 Facts About Me

I've been tagged by Izzah yang baru buat blog. Alia pun kena buat juga.

So here goes, 24 fun-random-maybeboring about me.

1. My nicknames : Ili, Yayah, Naqiah.

2. Being youngest doesn't mean to always have things your way.

3. In a 9 year old relationship. Kantoi kecik-kecik dah pandai couple.

4. Don't have a lot of friends just because. Not the group type of person except with my cousins. I prefer to have lots of bestfriends rather than being in a group of friends. But bestfriends are just so special and hard to find, so I only have few.

5. I looovveee chocolatessssss and ice creaaaamm. When I was small, I took upah gosok baju abang for a RM 2 ice cream.

6. I collect cameras. I won't buy just for collection. Memang akan pakai sampai rosak and then simpan elok-elok. Started to collect with my dad's 30 year old canon EF camera.

7. Love art but can't draw. Even doodle. I can't even doodle.

8. I'm a cake decorator but I hate to bake certain things. Like the small chocolate chip cookies or macarons or those biskut raya or cake yang so complicated.

9. Addicted to make up and big wide shawls. Currently la.

10. Not the type that stay up late. Pukul 12 memang akan tidur. Kalau after than that mesti sebab banyak kerja.

11. Nenek and atuk belah mak orang jawa. Till this day, I still don't understand why they didn't teach bahasa jawa to my mom and her siblings. So my mom tau cakap sikit je. I really wish I can speak jawa.

12. I have sooo many green shawls but I don't have much of green baju. Weird.

13. I don't think I can work in an office or hotel environment. Ever.

14. Easily paranoid, panic, and lose temper.

15. I sometimes feel that my sarcasm is my superpower.

16. My sister can drive to KL and it doesn't bother my mom a bit. But as for me, nak pergi bakery shop kat Seksyen 13 pun my mom teman. My mom yang nak teman ok.

17. Addicted to teh tarik. Tea is my caffeine. Can't stay awake without it.

18. I can't remember the last time I ate my own decorated cookies. Maybe 2 years. Dengar orang cakap sedap so it doesn't bother me to taste the cookies anymore.

19. Bad migraine leads to a trip to the saloon. Buat hair and scalp treatment dapat urut.

20. Selagi tak rosak tak boleh beli baru or buang. Gadgets, phone case, etc.

21. When I started to accept my flow of life, I'm happier. I think it was 2 years ago that I understood about "Everything happens for a reason".

22. Can't wear high heels or shoes that are not comfortable. Beauty is pain. But it's not beauty when you have the pain look on your face and can't stop saying "adoiii".

23. Mengamalkan concept "Sleep cures everything". It's very helpful when you're stress.

24. Omg I'm 24 this year. My mom got married at my age. But I'm on the other hand, still clingy with my parents. Muahahahaha.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

NWW Grand Sale

Last Sunday (30/6/13) Nurul Wonder Wardrobe buat preloved party. I knew about this Grand Sale since first time diorang promote kat Instagram like a week before I think.
Tapi tak ada plan nak join sebab assume mesti ada yang jual cakes and desserts dah join. But a day before, they posted at Instagram yang diorang nak orang jual cake and desserts. One more slot left. Sebab ada back out last minute. I texted them right away and Alhamdulillah Izzah (Nurul's sister) said it's still available. Yeayyy memang excited.
Buuutttt just imagine, 12 pm (29/6/13) baru confirm join Grand Sale yang tak sampai 24 hours lagi.
Saturday -
12 pm : Baked the brownies
2 pm : Keluar lunch with AbdRhmn
4. 30 pm onwards : Buat cupcakes sambil buat jellies sambil buat trifles sambil buat topping brownies sambil buat last minute preparations untuk esoknya.
12 am : Surprisingly semua dessers dah siap.
Sunday :
5 am : Bangun terus buat labelling harga.
7 am : Kemas-kemas everything. Make sure things in order.
9 am : Pergi bakery shop sebab ada packaging yang tak cukup.
10.45 am : Gerak pergi Wonder Wardrobe.
So my desserts tak ada la banyak sangat and gempak mana. Tak ada decorated cupcakes. Decorated cookies pun simple sangat. But Alhamdulillah everything was ok. Had so much fun. Borak-borak dengan jiran sebelah yang jual churros yang sangat sedap. Borak-borak dengan Nurul. Shopping
Sebab kan semua ni last minute, tak ada siapa yang free untuk teman jaga booth. So no pictures with Nurul, Suri, wonderful customers etc. Nak minta orang lain tangkap kan memang segan la kan.

Ni pun dapat tangkap gambar before je sebab AbdRhmn datang kejap tolong angkat-angkat barang.
He didn't stay long sebab ada hal.
Me dengan booth/counter di belakang itu.

AbdRhmn memang suka tangkap gambar dari bawah sikit so that nampak extra gemuk :P
Outerwear from Dreemika. Besar and labuh. Awesoommee.

Ni la AbdRhmn, tolong angkat barang jap and duduk kat depan tu. Hehe.
Thanks for helping me and belikan chocolate and roti for my lunch.
Thanks to those who came and support not only me but all the vendors there. Hope to see everyone of you again, InsyaAllah. Lots of love, xoxo.
The day before keluar dengan AbdRhmn sebab memang dah janji nak keluar.
And rupanya dia nak belanja makan sebab dapat first gaji. Awww.
Memula minta Secret Recipe. Tapi parking tak ada kat area tu.
So minta Ayam Bakar Mas Mono. Hee sedap.
Thanks boyfriend, for this.
I'm so proud of you and what you already have achieved.
Will support you all the way, InsyaAllah.