Sunday, April 27, 2014

I'm Back

Yeay I'm in Malaysia..!! Where have I been? Kalau siapa yang follow my personal instagram akan tau that I was in UK for 2 months. Itupun kalau ada yang nak tau and follow la.

Too many things to write here. Will do it soon. Gambar sangat banyak. Nak menghadap edit and upload memang sangat malas. Entah-entah after a year pun I would still tulis/review about my moments kat UK. Haihh.

But I really do want to write about almost everything masa kat sana. Banyak ups and downs. And hoping I can help some people by writing it. And also to keep the memories kat sini. Hee.

Sugar & Vanilla is back in business. Tapi sebab even before pergi UK pun banyak dates for May dah penuh. And I have few changes to make. Belum masa untuk update all out kat Sugar & Vanilla's facebook and blog. But I'm not taking a break. Memang dah start busy. Cuma belum time for me to buat marketing. The reason why, I nak betul-betul organized before nak all out. Nak start fresh.

See you soon..!!