Friday, June 28, 2013


Celebrated Izzah's birthday last Saturday.
She is now 23..!
We surprised her with a cake and a small photoshoot sebelum pergi tengok movie.
The cake I made for her.
Obviously orang kat belakang tu bukan Izzah.

Izzah and cake.
And tangan Hanan.

Kami cousins.
Hanan, Malyn, Izzah, Yayah, Alia.

Tengok Caramel and Crème Brulee tengah tengok the cake.
Both Izzah's cat.
I called them 'The Sugars'

Kadang-kadang memang ayu macam ni.
Tapi kadang sangat la.

Yeah my heart has wings..!! Problem ?


Ni semua kena paksa jadi model Sugar & Vanilla.


Lunch at Bubba Gump before Monsters University start.
Movie yang comel.
Hanan's instax.


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Thursday, June 20, 2013



Playing with speedlite.
Super shocking pink shawl by TudungPeople.
I'm not that pink kind of person.
Bila tengok online tudung ni pun tak ada shocking pink sangat.
Bila dah dapat memang terkejut.
But sangat memahami with the lighting and editing or maybe sebab model TudungPeople tu sangat cantik so dia pakai apa-apa pun nampak confident je, unlike me yang malu-malu nak pakai pink macam ni. Hee.

Monday, June 17, 2013

New Toolbox

Even though I'm not a make up artist, but I just can't stop buying makeup.
Every month akan put aside sikit money untuk beli new things.
Dulu I stored my makeups in this box.
Semua campak masuk.
Kalau benda kecik macam eye liner memang satu kerja nak kena korek.
Brushes pun pakai campak so agak sayang la kalau rosak.
But this was the best sebab kemas boleh tutup and plus dapat free dari mana entah.
But then, tetiba one day jalan-jalan kat Pavillion ternampak this jewellery box.
Jual kat stall tengah-tengah near food court tu.
Jual je kat stall tapi bukan nya murah. Eiikk.
But bought it anyway sebab the awesomeness.

Ahhh memang jatuh cinta.
Yes, this was more for jewelleries and watches.

So I had to take all these out.
The small box tu boleh buat untuk travelling.
And voila....

Puas hati nyaaaa.
Can you just imagine how big this box is.
Sangat organized.
Imma happy konon-makeup-artist.
Tapi bila dah susun cantik-cantik, this box boleh muat lagi 2-3 barang je.
So that limits me to buy new make up. Ok la juga.
At least control sikit.

Saturday, June 15, 2013


I am an 'on time' person. Tapi yang tak ada kesabaran tahap tinggi. So what happens when a person like me, kena tunggu orang yang tak tepati janji ?
Kalau janji jumpa pukul 2. I will wait or standby dari pukul 1.30. Tapi the other person datang pukul 3. Memang baran akan memanas tahap max.
-Why is it orang yang tak punctual tu selalu tak kisah yang diorang lambat. It's like as if our time waited for them was worth it.
-Why is it orang yang lambat tu yang akan cakap 'chill la' when clearly diorang yang salah.
-Why is it orang yang tak punctual tu tak pernah panic the fact yang diorang tak tepati janji.
-Why is it orang tak tepati janji ni selalu nya tak heran nak update yang diorang akan lambat. Buat orang yang tertunggu ni tertanya-tanya.
-Why is it orang yang tak on time selalu rasa orang yang menunggu ni kecoh lebih bila orang yang dah penat menunggu ni marah diorang sebab tak on time.
"punctual + bad tempered" person
"janji melayu" person
Bomb meletop
To me, if I'm the one yang terlambat 5 minit je pun, I'll go crazy. Panic yang teramat. Update orang tu non-stop.
Tak sampai hati nak buat the other person tertunggu-tunggu as his/her time is money as well :)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Edit The Skin

Typical stress step by step
- Mula-mula stress 
- And then acne confirm keluar
- So extra stress
- So extra acne..grrrr
- Concealer tak membantu sangat 
- Tak boleh pakai make up tebal-tebal sebab nanti lagi teruk
- Bila tangkap gambar sendiri jadi benci, tapi tangkap juga
- Perfect 365 app sangat membantu
Ni menipu tahap max. Mascara panjang, blusher tebal, pakai contact lens.
Konon macam nak kahwin la.

Yang ni pula di edit konon-konon macam tak menipu padahal still menipu sebab flawless sangat kan muka tu. Tapi konon macam natural je.
Well at least edit pakai apps won't hurt my skin more. I won't apply any foundation kalau muka tengah teruk. So this is the best conclusion. Heeeee. 

Shawl by Radiusite yang sangat addictive.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

June 2013

It's June...!! Pantas masa berlalu.

I finished my Diploma Pastry Art in June last year. And my brother got married in September. So I didn't go all out with Sugar & Vanilla (no marketing) sampai after kenduri our side.

Habis je my brother's wedding. I asked my parents to give me 6 months or sampai June 2013 to prove myself that I can naik kan my business. If things don't work out, to the hotel I go..!! Memang tak nak sangat kerja kat hotel. Yes, the best part kalau kerja elok-elok kat hotel boleh earn the title 'Pastry Chef'. But tak nak la. I love cake decorating. Title 'Cake Artist' pun comel juga. Hihihi.

Sooo what did I prove to my parents that I'm ok with doing my own business.

- November 2012
I approached a famous blogger / fashion designer untuk sponsor door gift. It worth a lot but totally worth every cent. If you've been following my story, it's Jezmine Zaidan of course. And she asked me to sell my things during the opening kat Girls in Hijab, Seksyen 7. It was a fun moment. I think this was my first marketing / sponsorship.

- November 2012
Tried a new dessert (art kind of style) untuk jual. Which is jelly..!! Yeay. Had fun playing with colours and layering. I'm taking jelly to a whole new level (as for me la sebab selama ni ingat jelly senang je).


- December 2012
Dapat masuk tv...!!! Show Safiyya. Where I was nervous like *tuuuttt*. Terus fobia dah nak masuk tv. A camera person. But not a video camera person. Or maybe having the thought of nanti orang tengok. So menggigil tu memang tahap max. But sangat cool experience.


- December 2012
Dapat buka booth with famous bloggers. Nurul TalkTalk, Suri Aryani, and also Jezmine Zaidan. The Save Gaza Charity Sale at Hello Deer. Maybe ada yang memang selalu buka booth with them, but for me, first time. Excited yang teramat sebab baca blog diorang since dulu lagi. And then tiba-tiba Nurul approached me untuk buka booth. Memang la nak. So I did. One of the best bazaar I joined. Tapi time tu memang terasa diri ini kerdil walaupun size paling besar among them. Ngehehehehe.

- February 2012
Dapat order buat 1300 cookies..! Order paling banyak and I did all the baking and decorating. Mama helped with the packing. At first Mama nak tolong bake kan. But I felt that I can push myself and I did. Fuh sangat crazy. But the downside of it, tak dapat nak accept banyak orders from other customers. Too busy with that.
-March 2013
I introduced continental cakes. Sebab I'm more to decorated so ada yang tanya nak beli cake untuk makan biasa-biasa je. And I said why not. Bought myself a fridge just for cakes. And Alhamdulillah ramai yang suka. Lagi-lagi banyak cakes jual ikut recipe my mama. Recipes that I grew up with.

- March 2013
My cousin got married and I had to do a 4 tier cake..!! 3 tier pun tak pernah buat. Tapi terus kena buat 4 tier. Square shape pula tu. Kalau yang round one memang easier sebab tak ada those 4 sharp edges. So memang panic, risau, takut semua ada before nak buat. Bila dah siap sangat lega. I was so happy. And also the fact that the cake arrived safely. Alhamdulillah. 

- 2013 so far
Can't imagine all those tricky designs that I did. Design yang memang tak agak boleh buat tapi accept juga order. Sangat risky. Of course the 4 tier sakura cake was very scary sebab structure.
One of the examples I did cookies for Ika Radiusite. She asked for Dota 2 nya logo. Tapi gatal pergi suggest buat weapons juga. Very time consuming but the result was awesome. And banyak lagi contoh cuma belum edit gambar and all.

Followers and likes kat Instagram, Facebook and BlogSpot. Alhamdulillah makin hari makin ramai. Tak agak akan ramai yang like and follow secepat ni. Sangat appreciate :)
So guess who doesn't have to work in a hotel ? Hee. Alhamdulillah. Happy where I am today. Will work harder. Impian nak buka cafe. Maybe a bit slow sebab takut tu still ada as well as rasa macam belum cukup ilmu in cake decorating. Future, InsyaAllah.
Thank you all for your supports. Happy bila customers message cakap suka cake or cake sedap. I'm happy that I can make other people happy. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Very Deep


Hee ok I know it's a joke. I really do want to write something deep but just couldn't think of any.

Maybe sebab sekarang pukul 12 malam kepenatan buat cookies. Konon nak tulis something about my life lately but the fact that I smell like cookies all day, so tak dapat inspiration nak tulis apa. Tak kan nak tulis "The smell of vanilla and butter just melt my heart" tapi background gambar sky.

Picture taken years ago. Balik dari airport. Kalau lalu time sunset memang sangat cantik. Subhanallah :)


Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Photo of Me

A photo of me holding a picture of me.
That picture in a frame was captured by Abdul Rahman Zulhairy, my other half.
It was back in 2010. Untuk his assignment. Everyone kena cari a model and obviously he chose me.
Ahh 2010, tak reti pakai make up the correct way (sekarang pun tak perfect la tapi dah ada basic). First time beli foundation, mascara, eye brow pencil. Try-try pakai sendiri. Pakai blusher semua pun tak nampak sangat dalam gambar.
The serious look on my face was his choice. He wanted the 'ego sombong' look. I'm no model so tak dapat nak give the best. First time tangkap gambar so professional like that kat studio we rented. With his friends tengok. Malu la saya. But it was ok. Experience la.
Actually banyak lagi concept he took that day. But his lecturer chose this one.
Psstt...Selalunya model pipi cengkung atau tembam baby face comel. Tapi ni dalam gambar pipi so huge. Siggghh. Again, I'm no model.

Cake Banner Tutorial

Or cake flag. The in-thing thingy you cucuk on a cake. Non edible.

So that day I made for my sister's birthday. Mama buatkan moist chocolate cake. Kalau buat cake fondant sure tak makan. Jadi I made the cake banner. Tak ada la gempak sangat but the basic is there.

1. Make sure you know the size of the cake. Mine was 8 inch so the bottom one I'll cucuk smaller than that size. So the top one to boleh agak-agak nak besar mana. Plus let the tali tu jatuh sikit (drape). Then only you cut the tali. I used any tali extra from orang bagi untuk ikat gift. If you don't have, use ribbon paling kecil.
Note : Kalau ada stick yang bigger will look nicer. I don't.

2. You can tie or you can put double sided tape at the stick and lilit the tali like I did to secure it.

3. Choose any ribbon, lace. I go with vintage style colour. Tapi sudahnya tak guna semua pun.

3. Cut each ribbon around 2 inch - 3 inch. And cut the hujung like that.
4. Try to susun dulu untuk tengok sesuai ke tak.

5. Put double sided tape kat bahagian dalam, in the middle of the ribbon.

6. Stick one by one kat tali. Try to buat kemas-kemas.

7. Done with the ribbons. It will look something like this.

8. Can tie a ribbon kat both end of the tali. Nampak lagi comel.

Then cucuk on the cake. Tadaaaaa.
The reason why I said kalau bigger sticks will look nicer.
Note : I'm not selling this at Sugar & Vanilla. Maybe not yet. That's why I put it here. But I'm selling that yummylicious moist chocolate cake with chocolate fudge topping.