Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Say What?

What happen to this blog ? Ok been busy with the wedding season. Even Sugar and Vanilla's blog and facebook pun tak ter update. Every week ada je cake hantaran kena buat. On top of that, my cousin is getting married and my dad asked me to do wedding cake, cupcakes, candy buffet and photobooth. Pengsan.

And the main reason buat blog ni dulu sebab konon nya it's a place for me to tenangkan fikiran, release tension whatsoever. Tapi rasa macam lately tak stress apa-apa pun. I'm happy..!! Sebab tu kot tak tulis at this blog sangat dah.

Will write back masa new year. Or before that. And maybe next year, every month ada je something exciting will happen. Ngeee.

Till then,

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Baking and Decorating Tips (Part 2)

How to start a cake business :

- 6 months
Give it a try for 6 months dulu (or a year). Sebab kadang-kadang rasa macam best nak drop everything that you do and just bake je dari rumah buat business. Try it first for 6 months. Then only you will know suka atau tak.

- Jangan berkira
Promote to friends and family dulu. This is the time untuk jangan berkira duit untuk bahan. Buat je banyak-banyak and bagi orang rasa. Kalau ada kenduri tu, bawa cake biar ramai dapat rasa.

- Equipment
Guna dulu apa yang ada. Jangan terus beli tools or equipment yang mahal-mahal. Beli just the basic dulu. To these days pun, I'm still buying cake tools yang actually dari dulu boleh je beli. But saja nak tengok dulu whether do I really need it or not. Kalau rasa worth it baru beli.

- Google
Buat research on recipes or how to do. Memang internet ni tak ada la perfect sangat sebab free. Tapi banyak juga boleh membantu.

- Teacher
If rasa memang dah suka in what you do in baking or decorating or both, do take classes. Kena belajar dengan orang yang lagi pro. Tak kisah la short courses or Diploma ke apa. Tak kisah kat bakery shops yang buat classes tu, or kat College ke. Asalkan belajar. Lagi ramai teachers / instructors, lagi banyak method we will know to make just one thing. And with that, kita tau which method suits best for us.

- Practice
Practice makes perfect. It sure does. Kalau tengah free time, tak ada orang order, practice juga. Kalau sampai dua bulan tak ada orang order, every week kena make sure practice.

InsyaAllah with all these, lagi senang nak buat business.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

8 Glasses per Day?

Semalam baru discover how to minum air banyak in a day without the feeling of forcing it. And the answer is simple......Plan it..!!

One tall big glass - 300 ml. Total of 10 glasses per day. 3 liters per day.

Schedule below tak termasuk my daily tea intake. Just a small mug every morning. Tapi ada orang cakap, any liquid kira include as water intake. But I don't want to include kan yang mana ada sugar contain.

But I realized that this is a benefit of me being a cake decorator. Working kat area where there are hot ovens. Even at decorating table pun pakai kipas je. Banyak gerak sana-sini. Nak pergi toilet pun senang, rumah sendiri. I know it's hard untuk orang yang kerja kat office, duduk in an aircond room. Memang rasa nak gi toilet je kan kalau minum air banyak macam ni.

This is my schedule :

before 300ml
8am - Breakfast
after 300ml
11am 300ml
before 300ml
1pm - Lunch
after 300ml
3pm 300ml
4pm 300ml
before 300ml
6pm - Dinner
after 300ml
10pm 300ml
Before and after tu terpulang la nak tunggu half an hour ke tak. Elok nya tunggu. But typical me kadang minum je terus lepas makan.
Bila ikut ni, automatically I'll drink 10 glasses per day. And even kadang-kadang I will drink extra at 10 am and 11 pm (Kalau tidur lagi lambat, lagi banyak minum).
Dulu before buat this schedule, macam terlupa nak minum air banyak. I can drink only 5 glasses dari pagi sampai dinner. Lepas dinner baru nak minum lagi 5 glasses, memang susah sangat la.
I can't remember bila start minum air banyak. But seriously, I can see the power of minum air banyak. Lose weight tak la kot for me sebab memang kuat makan. Muahahaha. But my skin, memang beza sangat kalau minum air sikit and minum air banyak. One thing that I hate about terlupa nak minum air banyak, next day mesti migraine.

Monday, November 4, 2013

My Charms

(Saja blur kan muka sebab nak tunjuk gelang je)

I have a charm bracelet yang kumpul since 2010. This year baru the bracelet penuh. The bracelet itself is a gift from my dad for my 21st birthday. Charms yang beli ada macam-macam brand. Mostly Thomas Sabo. Ada juga Folli Follie, Fossil and few others. But the bracelet bukan Thomas Sabo. Yang tu extra branded. Ngehehehe. Charms pun ada yang beli, ada yang my loved ones bagi.

So since dah penuh, I made fondant cupcakes based on the charms. My birthday 3rd August. Tapi sebab puasa busy sangat, so I made after raya. And then busy lagi nak update blog pasal tu. So I chose today. My second 'birthday'. I was born Awal Muharram. Hee.

Dekat Sugar and Vanilla's blog, I uploaded pictures of the cupcakes. Each cupcakes tu ikut design charms. Yang kat bawah ni just pictures of meaning about the charms. 

I'm a hugeeee fan of handbag. Started collecting with LeSportsac, roxy and those brands yang agak affordable. I used to have like 20 handbags. Sekarang dah kurang sikit membeli sebab dah besar macam ni mata asyik nampak yang tak mampu aje. Benci tau. Still kumpul handbags tapi dah kurang beli.
Picture above, my very first LeSportSac. Gambar taken in 2009 masa kurus sikit. The only picture yang nampak bag tu.

-Teddy bear
This charm given by my other half. He gave me together dengan a huge bear. Like 3/4 of my size. Love the charm, love the bear, and definitely love him. Hee.
Picture above, last year masa brother's wedding.

The final charm I bought. Because of the new passion for make up. And also because I joined a make up class.

The charm I bought using my first sale. I think I got RM200 (but the charm tak sampai harga tu pun) So I bought this charm sebab lawa. And then, because of that I asked my bestfriend, Eryn and my boyfriend, Aman to design a logo for PrettySugar (first name I chose for my business).

Because I graduated from my academy with Diploma of Patisserie.
Picture above, sugar showpiece I did as a beginner with my friend. The last time my friend told me that this showpiece is still standing after a year plus. When team yang lain punya dah jatuh within a week after buat ni. Super proud.

-Girl doll
My cousin, Izzah gave this to me. Gave her one for her Pandora as a symbol of BFF. She gave one back with the same meaning.

Mama bought this for me on my birthday. Tapi actually I chose this one. Meaning charm ni tak ada kaitan with my mom la. 21 because I started lots of things at the age of 21. Started my ACCA, my business and my decorating short courses.
Tak tau nak letak picture apa based on this.

Time tu my birthday dekat dengan raya. So bila my brother bagi sampul duit raya, I opened it and jerit, "10 ringgit jeeeee?". Yes, memang sungguh tak bersyukur kat situ. But then tengok kat dalam ada the small guitar charm. Aww. Because we have the same taste for music.
Picture above, before his nikah. Yang tu cake untuk hantaran. KakTen kat tepi tu.

Birthday present + upah buat cookies untuk my brother's wedding door gift. My dad bought the DSLR for me. And plus, I collect cameras. Dah rosak or not, I just keep it nanti boleh tunjuk kat anak cucu. So banyak meaning juga la for this charm.
Malas nak tangkap gambar cameras.

Got my car. Birthday gift from Abah. Saja tak nak beli charm yang straight forward, so I bought sunglasses charm. Sebab kalau drive pakai cermin mata hitam kan....kan.
Malas nak tangkap gambar kereta.

-Heart shape
Abah belikan ni together with the bracelet. I love you, daddy..!!

I bought this sempena birthday Mama tapi letak kat my bracelet. Haha. My mom collects teapot. Penuh rumah ni dengan teapots. Meaning charm ni, I love you, mummy..!!

Charm from my sister mana?? Dia memang. Ngehehehe. Bought a Pandora charm yang butterfly friendship tu. Two for the price of one. So kitorang ada charm sama-sama, sweet gituww. Eh tapi tu Yayah yang beliii. Ahahahaha but the truth KakTen banyak belanja macam-macam.

Apa yang I notice from writing this......banyak nya hadiah Abah bagi. Cuba kira berapa banyak. Hee.

Now my charm bracelet ni dah penuh. It's about life and people that I love. I'm moving on to Pandora. But yang to specially for my career journey. It will take time untuk penuh. Nanti if one day dah kahwin beli lagi satu untuk love life pula. Amboiii dah plan.

For me, charm bracelet yang macam with hooks ni lagi cantik untuk pakai. Lagi nampak fun and classy. Tapi susah nak basuh pinggan (buat kerja) kalau pakai ni. Kalau Pandora lagi tahan lasak sikit. It all depends what you prefer la kan. I have both, I prefer both. I love bracelet. Hee.

Everytime Awal Muharram mesti teringat kat Nyai (my grandmother). Sebab pernah mengada I said, "Nyai, esok birthday Yayah". Being a grandmother yang ingat semua birthday her cucu-cucu, she looked puzzled. And so I said lagi, "Yayah kan lahir Awal Muharram". The next day, she gave me RM50 and a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolate. It was just once she gave me for my second 'birthday'. But I'll remember it forever. I miss her.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

MAC MakeUp Base

MAC review on the make up base. These are what I've tried. I'm being super honest tulis review ni.

Only these 5 things. Banyak lagi brand MAC I've tried.
Tapi nak review on these je dulu.
Studio Moisture Fix SPF 15.
I loovveeee this. Tak oily. The texture is quite thick so you feel like tahan lama on the face.
Feels good on your skin.
But I may be akan try moisturizer lain juga. Like the Lightful Softening Lotion maybe.

Matchmaster SPF 15.
I don't like this.
Why? Because everytime lepas pakai ni my face akan break out.
The texture is very light. And maybe because of that lagi senang nak masuk pores and block them.
Maybe la because of that. Maybe memang tak sesuai for my skin.
Before this I tried brand Clinique. It was ok. I prefer that one than this.


Prep + Prime
Fortified Skin Enhancer.
Super love love love this..!!
Can wear this with or without foundation. Still best.
It's like skin tone corrector.
Yang ni kalau habis I will buy the same one again.
Teringin nak try the BB cream. Tapi I just soo love this one.
Not sure if I should try the BB cream or not.

Compact Powder.
Studio Perfect.
Nope, I don't like this.
I used to wear Benefit. For 3 years memang pakai tu je. Tapi ni menggatal nak try MAC pula.
Don't like it for the finishing touch. Nampak macam pakai bedak tebal sangat.
When I sweat, lagi nampak obvious.
Break out juga ni. Habis penuh pimple okayyy.
But guess what, before tangkap gambar ni, I accidently dropped this on the floor.
Bedak tak pecah pun. Whoaa so padat.

Select Moisture Cover.
Sangat sayang pada ini.
Yang ni liquid. Easy to apply, easy to blend kan.
Even after pakai everything, boleh still apply ni and tak akan nampak obvious.
I love 3 out of 5 things. Ok la juga kan. Lain-lain skin lain effect nya. Brand gempak tak semestinya semua akan ok. For the foundation, I will habiskan juga and then baru beli baru. But not the compact powder. Will buy the usual Benefit punya and will just use MAC compact powder tu for keluar biasa-biasa je around Shah Alam makan kat kedai mamak (specific betul).


Saturday, October 26, 2013

One Thing

Appreciate that one thing you have right now.

Don't be too confident of having it with you for the rest of your life.

It can be gone if you don't take care of it.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

It's Ugly

Went to the bakery shop. Mama tunggu dalam kereta sebab I just need to grab a few things je.

Masuk kereta je, terus Mama tanya while pointing to someone yang tengah bayar parking, "Does that guy look educated to you?"

Looking at him pakai shirt and jeans, kemas la juga. Lebih kurang my dad's age. So I said, "He looks like one. Kenapa?"

"Nampak je educated but he just threw a polystyrene food container dalam longkang". 5 steps from where he threw the rubbish tu ada tong sampah.

Moral of the story : It looks freaking ugly to buang sampah merata-rata. If yang tua-tua pun buat, how to teach the young ones. Tak guna pakai cantik-cantik tapi bila buat macam tu, terus hilang cantik. Maybe memang ada yang akan bersihkan, but it won't change the fact that you look ugly doing it. Even a small candy wrapper. Think about it.

Eh jangan pula bagi alasan ni, "Aku pakai biasa-biasa je, so boleh la kan buang sampah merata-rata". Itu minta pelempang.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Baking and Decorating Tips (Part 1)

Random tips for the first time :

- When you have free time, potong siap-siap baking paper for many sizes of pans (yang paling selalu guna untuk baking). Put in a container to keep it clean. Kalau ada orang order last minute, senang baking paper dah ada.

- Squeeze lemons / oranges / limau nipis (dan yang sewaktu dengan nya) banyak-banyak, letak dalam container and keep it in the freezer so that tahan lama. Bila dah nak guna keluarkan few hours before. No need to squeeze time baru nak guna. Jimat masa sangat ok.

- Wash your pans, spatula, all those equipment with air panas. Lagi-lagi kalau lepas guna butter or oil. Senang hilang and extra clean. We don't want any stain left and then guna for next time. Just euw.

- Kalau cookie cutters or nozzles yang metal senang karat tu, basuh straight away after guna. Bila dah habis baking, oven still panas kan ? So just letak on a baking tray and masukkan kejap. Akan kering fully.

- If let say selalu guna baking pan 8 inch diameter, beli je banyak-banyak (2 or 3, depends). Memang akan keluar duit at first. Tapi jimat masa baking a lot. Jimat bil electric pun ya.

- Lebih kurang macam kat atas ini, beli cake board and cake box size yang paling selalu orang order. Make sure sentiasa ada few sizes yang selalu guna ni.

Since ramai sangat yang dah tanya bila nak buat classes. Oh if only I have the time. And space. Hehe. So I will only do this random tips kat sini. Not even on Sugar and Vanilla's blog. Tak nak campur. Kat sini boleh tulis dengan laidback sikit.

If ada any questions on tips or difficulty, just email to prettysugar2010@gmail.com . Yang mana sempat and boleh untuk di jawab, will post it here. InsyaAllah kita share bersama :)

Saturday, October 12, 2013


I love doodle art. But I don't really love doodling. Or maybe just because the fact that I'm just not good at it. Doodle art ni patut nya tak ada rules and there's no right or wrong kan. Tapi kalau everytime I buat asyik rasa tak cantik je. Dah buat one design mesti rasa nak padam balik and repeat balik the same the design but betul kan part-part yang tak cantik before tu.
That day ada extra black royal icing. Typical me, customer order cookies 20 je. Bancuh royal icing macam konon nak kena buat 100 cookies je. But anyway, it's good for me to practice. Piped on a cake turntable. Senang boleh pusing-pusing. Lepas tu basuh. And then lukis balik.
I know designs kat bawah ni memang tak gempak. Tapi seriously, ni yang paling ok. Yang lain mesti terus padam je. Hehe.

But it is really good to practice your piping bila ada extra icing. Below I used nozzle no. 2 Wilton.


Monday, October 7, 2013


Sabtu yang lepas. Nurul Wonder Wardrobe buat preloved party with all the famous bloggers. Jadi haruslah pergi kan. Lagi pun my sister sibuk suruh belikan jubbah from Maria Elena. Met her in person. So natural beauty. Hee.
As usual, terbeli macam-macam for myself instead of patutnya beli jubbah untuk kakak je. Bought a top, kimono cardi and a shawl. Shawl beli dari Suri, tapi terlupa pula nak tangkap gambar with Suri sebab time tu dia ramai sangat customers..! Hot items betul shawls dia. But happy la juga dapat jumpa diorang. Time-time macam tu je la pun baru nak jumpa kan. Hehe. 
With Nurul and sister, Izzah.

With Shea.
We met first time masa dekat OBB preloved party.
And after that she ordered a safari themed cake and a Chanel cake.

Muka penat after lunch at 5pm.
And baru sedar that this baju made me look like a 'makcik'.
But who cares cause I'm just soooo addicted to baggy-one layer-tak payah gosok-black top.
Just that kena pandai match kan dengan tudung. Should have wear shawl yang colourful sikit.
Anyway, shawl by TudungPeople and top by LuvStylista Hajaba.
Jalan-jalan that day telah ditemani oleh my other half.
Melayan shopping dan juga belanja makan at Big Brother.
Before we went for our lunch, balik rumah kejap sebab Aman nak jumpa my nephew.

My nephew, Hud Al-Fateh.

Muka pasrah digomol.
"Dah-dah la tu MakUsu"

Mama Hud kata ni bakal PakUsu Hud.

"Saya dah sebulan baru datang tengok saya?"

Monday, September 30, 2013

My Sunday

Yesterday teringin makan my homemade doughnut. And this time saja mengada guna butter extra mahal. Crunchy on the outside. Soft on the inside. Laju je habis kalau baru goreng.  
Oven yang digunakan sebagai proofing chamber.
Lama juga nak tunggu naik.
Kalau malas nak tunggu lama, put a bowl of hot water in the oven.
Do not switch on the oven. Kang ter-bake pula.

The reason why it is not for sale.
Don't care about the thickness.
Don't care about the shape.
Yang penting makan.

Part yang paling leceh.
Yes, I love to eat it.
But part goreng and salut dengan gula laa part yang paling tak suka.
Tak boleh terlepas pandang.
Kena cepat-cepat.
Tapi tak boleh goreng banyak at one time.
And diri laa kat depan dapur tu sampai siap semua.
Coated with caster sugar.
I called this doughnut pasar malam.
But ni lagi sedap because of the buttterrr.
Ecceyh puji doughnut sendiri.

Coated with icing sugar + cinnamon.
Everytime buat doughnut, memang rasa extra penat.
Tak macam bake a cake.
Tapi after that memang sangat puas makan food that you make your own. Yeayy.

The huge doughnuts with hot tea on Sunday evening.
Ahhh kebahagiaan.
I really need to do this often.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Sushi dan Hijab

"Sushi fixes everything"

That's me saying. My comfort food. Kalau stress cari sushi. Kalau tengah extra happy cari sushi.
Order salmon sebanyak yang mungkin. Below pictures dekat Sushi Tei. New favourite place after Sushi King. Haritu macam teringin sangat sampai order macam-macam. Tapi sudahnya tak larat. Paksa diri juga untuk habiskan.






What I wore :
Wide shawl by AlHijabSisters.
Shawl ni jarang so kena pakai inner kat dalam.

Memang macam ni pun selalu. Ahaks.
Dulu kalau pakai shawl yang besar tak reti nak lilit-lilit.
But then tiru cara Ayesha (founder AlhijabSisters).
After that memang stick to that style je even pakai brand lain.
She posted the tutorial kat youtube.
Check it out.
Ayesha's tutorial.

Monday, September 23, 2013


The world is not cruel.
Just a bit of misunderstanding and imperfection.

I can cure your heartache.
Just give me a chance.

You don't need to run away.
All you need is a start of a new life. 

Don't run from reality.
Cause I am your reality.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Macaron Lover

One of the best chocolate macaron.
At Harrods', KLCC

RM 25 for 6 pieces. (If tak silap la)
Makes it RM 4+ each.
Yup, quite pricey tapi sangaaaat sedap.
They have other flavours juga. Tried green tea and few others. Not bad but the chocolate is the best.
Perfect feet.
Perfect shell.
Perfect texture.
Perfect taste.
Oh ayat sungguh typical pastry punya orang.
Try it..!!


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Pemenang Radiusite


Went out with my other half.
Wore Radiusite's shawl.
Macam biasa buli boyfriend untuk tangkap gambar.
Post kat instagram tag #radiusite.
Picture above is the one that I uploaded.
Few days later, tetiba Radiusite tagged and announced me as one of the raya winners (20 orang).
I was like "laaa ada competition ke".
Dengan tak pakai baju kurung nya. Raya la sangat.
And my sister cakap gambar tu buruk, simple sangat. Jealous letteww.
Who cares, I won. Happy. Huhu.
Already received the gift.
Will upload later pakai shawl tu pula.

I don't know why I have this
habit of taking pictures of myself
  dalam kereta sambil tunggu my other half.
Kalau orang lalu sebelah sure rasa pelik.

Sunday, September 8, 2013


I know being an anorexic is bad. Very unhealthy. But at the same time, I kind of salute them. Because they have such determination to stop eating. Like how can they just say "No" to food.

Million times I tried to stop eating. But just few minutes after I made that decision, I'd be like "Uuuuu chocolateeee" and finished the whole bar within seconds.

Typical me.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Jaga Baby

Jaga baby : Day 4

On Tuesday, I made chocolate chip cookies (customers' orders), did house works, and rearranged my baking/decorating tools and equipment. Was tired and wanted to take an afternoon nap.

I slept. But not even ten minutes later, mama shouted "Naqiaaahh, tolong goreng ayam".

Had to wake up, went downstairs and saw my mom holding my nephew. He was sleeping.

"Dia tidur boleh pulaak". I said while pointing at him.

Monday, September 2, 2013


Alhamdulillah. On 31st August, we welcomed a new member of the family. First cucu. My first nephew. The merdeka baby. Patut nya due date a week after, tapi awak nak keluar awal ye sayang.

Nama dah ada.
Tapi belum official lagi sebab belum 7 hari lagi.

The proud parents.
My brother and sister in law.
Sorang tak nak jadi jawa. Sorang tak nak jadi Opah.
So it's "Tok and Nyai"
Yang ni MakLong and MakUsu punya kerja.
Kalau kat kedai tu ada yang lagi besar, memang dah lama dah beli.
Memula I wanted to be MummyChu or MamaChu or MummyYah. But then sudah gaduh-gaduh sama itu MakLong dia, I decided to maintain as MakUsu. To keep the tradition la konon. 
Nanti siap la my camera and handphone penuh gambar baby je. Ni pun dah kira banyak juga la. Hee.