Monday, November 4, 2013

My Charms

(Saja blur kan muka sebab nak tunjuk gelang je)

I have a charm bracelet yang kumpul since 2010. This year baru the bracelet penuh. The bracelet itself is a gift from my dad for my 21st birthday. Charms yang beli ada macam-macam brand. Mostly Thomas Sabo. Ada juga Folli Follie, Fossil and few others. But the bracelet bukan Thomas Sabo. Yang tu extra branded. Ngehehehe. Charms pun ada yang beli, ada yang my loved ones bagi.

So since dah penuh, I made fondant cupcakes based on the charms. My birthday 3rd August. Tapi sebab puasa busy sangat, so I made after raya. And then busy lagi nak update blog pasal tu. So I chose today. My second 'birthday'. I was born Awal Muharram. Hee.

Dekat Sugar and Vanilla's blog, I uploaded pictures of the cupcakes. Each cupcakes tu ikut design charms. Yang kat bawah ni just pictures of meaning about the charms. 

I'm a hugeeee fan of handbag. Started collecting with LeSportsac, roxy and those brands yang agak affordable. I used to have like 20 handbags. Sekarang dah kurang sikit membeli sebab dah besar macam ni mata asyik nampak yang tak mampu aje. Benci tau. Still kumpul handbags tapi dah kurang beli.
Picture above, my very first LeSportSac. Gambar taken in 2009 masa kurus sikit. The only picture yang nampak bag tu.

-Teddy bear
This charm given by my other half. He gave me together dengan a huge bear. Like 3/4 of my size. Love the charm, love the bear, and definitely love him. Hee.
Picture above, last year masa brother's wedding.

The final charm I bought. Because of the new passion for make up. And also because I joined a make up class.

The charm I bought using my first sale. I think I got RM200 (but the charm tak sampai harga tu pun) So I bought this charm sebab lawa. And then, because of that I asked my bestfriend, Eryn and my boyfriend, Aman to design a logo for PrettySugar (first name I chose for my business).

Because I graduated from my academy with Diploma of Patisserie.
Picture above, sugar showpiece I did as a beginner with my friend. The last time my friend told me that this showpiece is still standing after a year plus. When team yang lain punya dah jatuh within a week after buat ni. Super proud.

-Girl doll
My cousin, Izzah gave this to me. Gave her one for her Pandora as a symbol of BFF. She gave one back with the same meaning.

Mama bought this for me on my birthday. Tapi actually I chose this one. Meaning charm ni tak ada kaitan with my mom la. 21 because I started lots of things at the age of 21. Started my ACCA, my business and my decorating short courses.
Tak tau nak letak picture apa based on this.

Time tu my birthday dekat dengan raya. So bila my brother bagi sampul duit raya, I opened it and jerit, "10 ringgit jeeeee?". Yes, memang sungguh tak bersyukur kat situ. But then tengok kat dalam ada the small guitar charm. Aww. Because we have the same taste for music.
Picture above, before his nikah. Yang tu cake untuk hantaran. KakTen kat tepi tu.

Birthday present + upah buat cookies untuk my brother's wedding door gift. My dad bought the DSLR for me. And plus, I collect cameras. Dah rosak or not, I just keep it nanti boleh tunjuk kat anak cucu. So banyak meaning juga la for this charm.
Malas nak tangkap gambar cameras.

Got my car. Birthday gift from Abah. Saja tak nak beli charm yang straight forward, so I bought sunglasses charm. Sebab kalau drive pakai cermin mata hitam kan....kan.
Malas nak tangkap gambar kereta.

-Heart shape
Abah belikan ni together with the bracelet. I love you, daddy..!!

I bought this sempena birthday Mama tapi letak kat my bracelet. Haha. My mom collects teapot. Penuh rumah ni dengan teapots. Meaning charm ni, I love you, mummy..!!

Charm from my sister mana?? Dia memang. Ngehehehe. Bought a Pandora charm yang butterfly friendship tu. Two for the price of one. So kitorang ada charm sama-sama, sweet gituww. Eh tapi tu Yayah yang beliii. Ahahahaha but the truth KakTen banyak belanja macam-macam.

Apa yang I notice from writing this......banyak nya hadiah Abah bagi. Cuba kira berapa banyak. Hee.

Now my charm bracelet ni dah penuh. It's about life and people that I love. I'm moving on to Pandora. But yang to specially for my career journey. It will take time untuk penuh. Nanti if one day dah kahwin beli lagi satu untuk love life pula. Amboiii dah plan.

For me, charm bracelet yang macam with hooks ni lagi cantik untuk pakai. Lagi nampak fun and classy. Tapi susah nak basuh pinggan (buat kerja) kalau pakai ni. Kalau Pandora lagi tahan lasak sikit. It all depends what you prefer la kan. I have both, I prefer both. I love bracelet. Hee.

Everytime Awal Muharram mesti teringat kat Nyai (my grandmother). Sebab pernah mengada I said, "Nyai, esok birthday Yayah". Being a grandmother yang ingat semua birthday her cucu-cucu, she looked puzzled. And so I said lagi, "Yayah kan lahir Awal Muharram". The next day, she gave me RM50 and a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolate. It was just once she gave me for my second 'birthday'. But I'll remember it forever. I miss her.

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