Saturday, January 25, 2014

One Year Lagi

My conversations lately yang ada kaitan dengan wedding preparations :

"My theme for engagement is rustic. Dusty gituw. Not vintage. Different ok, sangat beza"

"I'll google that dress"

"Wedding harus elegant. No rustic or vintage..!!"

"Red and black..? Or red and ivory..? Or nothing but red..? Or red and champagne..? Apa beza ivory and champagne..? Or red and gold..?"

"Ohh pin it..!!"

"Boleh DIY je kan"

"Beli lagi senang"

"Mummy, can I have this for my wedding..?", kelip-kelip mata buat muka comel.

"My tunang simple je. Tak grand pun"

"Oh no. That's too simple"

"Bridesmaids or flower girls..?"

"Photographer harus gambar gempak and friendly"

"Kena laa start dari sekarang"

"Apa nama designer tu?"

"Mana nak dapat ek?"

"Where to get that thing?"

"Kalau minta mahal macam ni agak-agak Abah nak bagi tak"

"Cotton candy, ice cream and chocolate fountain......tak nampak macam birthday party kan"

"Cutting dress tu yang boleh bagi effect kurus"


"I really need to diet"

"Errghh stress...I need food"

And more..............................................

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Don't you just hate it when an opportunity comes knocking on your door but it's just not the right moment to invite it in.

Yeaaaa just happened to me..!! And I freaking hate it.

I just wish that I have that opportunity again later in future. Just hoping for the best.


Monday, January 6, 2014

Twins Of Faith 2013

The final weekend of 2013, I went to Twins of Faith. The theme for 2013 was The Sunnah The Better. This was my second time for Twins of Faith. Fell in love the first time in 2012 and I was so looking forward for the next one.

Went with my sister and cousins. Except for my sister, my MakTeh belanja the tickets for her nieces yang kecik-kecik (youngest). She offered to 5 of us but only me, Alia and Hanan yang dapat pergi. Shukran jazilan ya MakTeh...!!

Day 1 :
Denim jubbah beli kat Makkah.
Shawl by AlHijab Sisters.

Selfie sebelum mula Talk.

The Apartheid Wall.
Will write another post about this.

The four of us.
Alia, Hanan, me and sister.

Day 2 :
Jubbah by Love to Dress bought at Fashion Valet.
The jubbah dress is nice.
Longgar tak ada body shape pun tapi maybe my arms are just huge, ketat la sikit kat lengan.
So I wore it with kimono cardigan by Rina Salleh Clothing.
Shawl by Tudung People. Double layer no need to wear inner. Love it..!!

I wasn't at the main hall when this graffiti art was made.
The way my sister bercerita, macam wow sangat cara di lukis. 

Hee comel kan.
Not that I'm saying we are comel
(walaupun cucu-cucu Sajari memang comel. Astagfirullahaladzim perasan nyaaa)
but the concept gambar ni comel.
Ada one more - Gain Knowledge, It's Sunnah tapi tak tangkap gambar pula dengan tu.

I find TOF 2012 was more interesting as there were more corners sampai tak tau nak pilih yang mana. But 2013 ni, cuma ada dua, Main Hall and Workshop. The talks were amazing, no doubt about that. Don't get me wrong, I learnt a lot. But didn't get a chance to listen to marriage talk sebab beratur sangat panjang and also few others talk kat Workshop memang tak dapat nak pergi. Tapi the most important thing, banyak ilmu yang dapat.

I'm just going to share apa yang sempat dapat tulis. Bila dengar talks memang semangat konon nak tulis macam-macam. Tapi bila tengah focus dengar tu terlupa nak tulis semua. And kalau macam terboring sikit and terngantuk sikit (memang 'ter' ok, at least jujur) I would rather keluar and bagi my sit to orang yang tak ngantuk. Hee.

Things I benefit from TOF 2013 :
(if I'm not mistaken, do correct me if I'm wrong sebab sometimes cara kita paham agak berlainan)
(and I'm just writing this in the simplest way. Elaboration? You can search for it)

- If you cannot thank someone/people, it will lead to not thanking ALLAH SWT.

- The gift of having control to dominant

- Awaking everyday, sleeping everynight.....ALHAMDULILLAH.

- Be a thankful slave

- Repent is sins turn into good deeds

- Be in this world as though you are a traveller

- Work (pray) everyday like it's the last day

- Ask forgiveness for even the littlest things

- You should change to show you're a MUSLIM

- Do = not to please people but to please ALLAH SWT

- If you do things for the sake of Allah SWT, Allah SWT will  grant you with goods

- Aurah = The more you show of the outside, the less you show of the inside

- There's no such thing as showing off when it comes to knowledge

- Give..!! Even if you only have half a date (kurma)

Actually banyak lagi. Of course banyak lagi. Banyak about sunnah Rasulullah SAW. I remember a saying that if we don't try to do what is sunnah, it will lead us not doing what is obliged.


For this year 2014, I'm not sure if I'll be going ke tak. Sebab my wedding day dah nak dekat dah time tu. But I really do suggest for you to go. If belum ready nak change or anything, pergi juga. It will open your eyes and mind. And everytime pergi Twins of Faith ni the way it is memang sangat laid back. You can keluar masuk hall or corners anytime. The volunteers are always ready to help so you don't feel lost or blur. Nak duduk makan sorang-sorang pun tak rasa segan. Sebab memang sangat chill. You will always be greeted with smiles. You will not be judged ever during TOF, InsyaAllah.

Menyesal tak bawa camera like last year. Sebab fikirkan DSLR tu berat. Guna handphone je.

Candy Buffet & Photobooth

My cousin got married few weeks ago. And Abah asked me to do wedding cake, candy buffet, chocolate fountain and photobooth. MasyaAllah..!! The wedding was in Ipoh. Imagine angkut semua barang using two cars. Padat.
Tapi it was fun. Hectic tu memang confirm la kan. Since I made wedding cake and 100+ cupcakes, for candy buffet sempat buat small cookies je. Yang lain semua beli or order from friends.
Dah penat-penat buat tapi gambar tak tangkap sangat. Memang tak menang tangan. Yup, it was hectic, I said it again. I think it's because the chocolate fountain. Tak sempat pun chocolate nak cair and flowy tapi orang dah keep on ambil. Huhu that's the fun part la kan.
The fruits.
Strawberry, grapes and banana.
My mom, sister, brother and wife yang cucuk satu-satu.
I was kat dewan pagi tu all sweaty pasang photobooth.

Sugar cookies with fondant. Cepat habis..!!

Bought this from my ex-schoolmate. Ya Allah sedapnya.
First time I really like apam polkadot. Rasa milky. Filling pun sedap.

The candies that we bought.
Lollipops, mentos, marshmallow and all.
I noticed kalau candy macam typical hard candy dalam small packaging kecik-kecik tu, orang tak amik sangat.
Unlike the chocolate ring, lollipop yang shape menarik, memang laju sangat habis.

The photobooth.
Sorry ada gambar kakak and Hud kat situ.
The theme was brown.
Bought langsir dah siap kat Jakel (year end sale sangat berbaloi)
Kipas tu I made all of them. Sangkut-sangkut pun quite senang.
My brother helped me kejap before he helped my mom cucuk-cucuk buah.
Not bad juga la kan.
Overall, I kind of enjoyed doing all of that. Sebab kalau in future nak buat business ni, at least dah tau few things. Time buat untuk family ni la macam-macam boleh belajar from mistakes kan. Not that I'm saying that there are lots of mistakes. Just need more improvement.
Wedding cake and cupcakes will be updated at Sugar & Vanilla's blog which I think lambat lagi kot nak update. Ni tengah ikut turutan update blog tu. Yang latest one ni pun order bulan November punya. Tak tau bila bulan December punya nak update. Kikiki.
Ni tengah fikir-fikir for my engagement's candy buffet. What should I put ye?


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hello 2014

Happy New Year..!!

Alhamdulillah 2013 had been a great year. Too many awesome memories.

-Joined few bazaars, met new wonderful people, got a chance buat a very huge wedding cake, explore banyak new designs on cakes and cookies. Alhamdulillah. I am more than grateful.

Tapi ada memories yang sangat huge happened in 2013. Beautiful memories.

-In August, my baby boboi bucuk macin was born. My very first nephew. First cucu for my parents. Walaupun now Hud Al-Fateh dah pandai jerit-jerit even though baru 4 months old, tapi kalau tak jumpa sehari, rindunyaaa ya Allah. MakUsu doakan Hud jadi anak yang soleh. A smart boy he is.

-In December, saya telah dirisik..!!! Alhamdulillah. So I'm now officially engaged to my boyfriend of 9 years. Tunang ikut Islam dah. Tunang ikut melayu belum. InsyaAllah majlis tunang bulan 5 nanti. Super excited. Dah macam-macam plan dah. Nikah pula in a year's time, InsyaAllah.

First picture of 2014.
Shawl - Tudung People
Top - Munawwarah Design
Handbag - Marc Jacobs

So here goes the typical new year's resolutions. Since nak kahwin lagi setahun, I think most of it memang untuk my wedding day or my preparation to be a good wife.

- Lose weight. I think this is typical but not for me. Sebelum ni tak pernah heran pun new year's resolution nak lose weight. But this year memang kena determine sangat-sangat. I love to eat....huhuhu.

- To cover my aurah properly, slowly tukar wardrobe. Not easy sebab memang kena keluar duit banyak. But slowly.

- By end of this year, I will be more serious in opening a shop. Akan plan betul-betul. Just kitchen je dulu. Tak buka cafĂ© pun. I don't want to rush into things and I really don't mine bila nak start buka the kitchen. Kalau lagi 2-3 years pun I don't mind. Tapi by end of this year kena at least ada plan macam-macam dah.

- Kena belajar masak..!!!! Desserts dah macam-macam boleh buat. Tapi kari, masak lemak, rendang?? Oh nooo belum tau lagi. Jadi haruslah belajar dengan Mama nanti.

- Sugar flowers..!!! Really need to learn buat sugar flowers cantik-cantik.

- To be more organized. Rasanya ok kot. Especially my wedding, tak nak ada yang last minute.

- Last but not least, to be a better Muslim.

Candid so dapat la this fat chicken pose.
Oh I think I'm slowly turning into a bridezilla. And people around me pun dah cakap macam tu. Uwaaaa I'm soooo sorry (in advance). Huhuh but I love you people to death. You know who you are. Eryn, you're so lucky you jauh kat UK tu haa. 

2014 will be a great year for me, InsyaAllah. I really hope so.