Thursday, May 1, 2014

Peggy Porschen : Parlour

The pink corner.

Peggy Porschen Café dekat je dengan the academy.
It's so pink that it makes it stands out.
Memang happy and tenang je.
Semua dalam pun nak cute je..!

Paling sedap. Must try.
Salted caramel cake.

The inside.
I think time ni awal sangat sebelum pergi class.
Tak banyak cakes. Kalau tak penuh je cantik.

Can you see me?
I wish I was the one yang posing kat pintu.

My final week when my BIG sister came.
Harus paksa try Peggy's yummy cakes.

Must try kalau datang sini :
-Salted caramel cake slice
-Glorious Victoria cake slice
-Hot chocolate
-Caramel tea
-Banoffee cupcake

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